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Looking for information on a Dutch painter

Beitrag von rw » Dienstag 1. August 2006, 18:22

I recently purchased this oil on board painting of a skating scene featuring many figures, tents & activities at what appers to be an inland sea. The painting is signed C. Waling and dated 1805.
Since this is before Napoleon's 1811 edict on surnames is this name a patronymic ? That is: the artist's 1st name ( Cornelius ?) followed by his father's first name of Waling. I understand Waling is a commen name in Friesland and especially in the town of Winkle so possibly his full name if still living after 1811 might have been. C. Waling van Winkle ?
In any case I've exhausted all avenues on the internet and hope that their is somebody that is knowledgable with Dutch family history and can tell me anything about this artist. The painting is extremly well executed so the artist must have had at least a local reputation.

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